Find your personal driving instructor

Booking driving lessons is just the begining, keep track of your progress, find the perfect time for your lesson & communicate easily with your instructor.

Track each lesson and your on-going progress. Our unique in-app feedback system allows instructors to provide you with a set of personal driving goals to work on during lessons, with a parent, or with any other supervising driver.

A simple way to book
Booking a lesson shouldn't require excessive back-and-forth, printed vouchers, or a magic 8-ball. Use the DriveTrain mobile app to find an instructor, view their availability, and book lessons directly from your mobile phone.
Become a safe and confident driver
Our industry certified instructors will develop custom tailored lessons structured not only so you pass your license drive test; but more importantly, to help you become safe and confident on the road.

Great pricing, for everyone, all the time

Confused by "multi-lesson discount packages" you've seen elsewhere? Don't worry, we offer the same great pricing* regardless of whether you book one or 20 lessons.
* Promotional discounts may make our pricing even more great... umm, sorry?
45 Minute Lesson
$ 45
Ideal if you drive often, but want regular check-ups to make sure you're not developing any bad habits.
1 Hour Lesson
$ 55
A solid regular lesson duration that can easily fit into even the busiest of weekly schedules.
90 Minute Lesson
$ 85
A comprehensive lesson, perfect for learning the ropes & getting in those hours of supervised driving.

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Finding Students
Let us take care of the marketing, so you can focus on what you do best. Our mobile apps, website and advertising campaigns give DriveTrain instructors plenty of exposure and are all designed to ensure students find you.
Taking bookings
Our in-app booking system takes the stress out of booking lessons. No need to negotiate times, handle print-outs, provide invoices, carry change or chase up outstanding fees. Simply tell us your available hours and we'll take care of the rest. Money will be deposited directly into your bank account.
Earn a better living
We aren't just about offering great prices to students, we offer a great deal for instructors too. We take a percentage of each booking fee and that's it! No sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no transaction fees, no hidden costs of any kind.

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